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Elementary Contest  Maritza Carmen De Soto by Little-Red-Coat Elementary Contest  Maritza Carmen De Soto by Little-Red-Coat

Elementary Contest Maritza Carmen De Soto by Little-Red-Coat

/ / / ©2013-2015 Little-Red-Coat
I said i'll update it.
and I did.
Your mother licking WELCOME. //slapped

I didn't like her original outfit I swear it was crap so I did a new style and used this.
I also realized Colombia and Venzula have little accent of their tradtional outfits but Puerto Rico -sadly- doesn't have much like that. For women their mainly festivals or occasions for it but really they wear modern clothing -Because U.S commonwealth. and American influence-

I wanted to give her a hat. Because I love hats.

Leave me alone


Added more relationships 

The comic above is Carlos and Carmen. I didn't see a paticular outfit for Cuba so I just winged it and it looks like crap so please don't take points off because of that :iconpapcryplz:

Maritza has her headphones on alot since stated below she loves music and is always at the music store in the mall. Though she hides her headphones. (Ex. Put her ipod underneath her clothes with her earbuds and hide it with her hair. I do that alot in school) So Carlos and Carmen can't tell if shes listening to music or not.  So its really hard for them to figure it out. 

So uh yeah updated app so yeah

So uh this is her infomation--
Name: Maritza Carmen De Soto (Originally Maria,but changed it so she wouldn't have a 'typical' Latina name)
Nick Name: Mari;Marissa
Nation: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico/ Puerto Rico
Age: 21

Personality: Maritza is a very outgoing heart warming character like any other Latin woman.She gives a motherly vibe to others and usually does not give up on them.Even thought she is not the oldest from the rest of the mall dwellers she is actually a bit more mature , though she wouldn't be considered an full-grown adult. Most times she knows when to cheer some one up or comfort them at times of need. She has a different type of moral thinking then the others, she uses her mind along side her heart instead of just going with her heart. Showing her maturity between the other Mall dwellers.Maritza is a rather independent woman,learning how to 'fend' for her self and stick up for her self.Not allowing people to push her around,or the ones she cares for.More like a head strong single-mother type scenerio.

• Strengths: Since Maritza is a bit more mature then the other mall dwellers mentally she knows how to take care of issues like an adult.Standing up for what she believes in and not allowing anyone to stop her from her goals.Her being 'motherly' she can give that motherly affection to the mall dwellers.Raising their spirits and giving them a bit more hope.Giving them words of wisdom,not words of satisfaction.

• Weaknesses: Since Maritza is indepedent she can sometimes feel alone and feel that even though she has people around her,no one will fully understand her.Her independent vibes can tell someone that she is okay by herself and that she doesn't need anyone,though in reality she needs someone to pull her down and to slap her hand.Calm her down and tell her no.Someone who can calm her 'before the storm'.Her words of wisdom are effective on others but not her self. Sometimes she doesn't practice what she preaches.Even though the answer to her prayers are right there,she still won't realize it.

• Likes: Maritza adores music.She can't live with out it.Music allows her to think clearly and help her open her mind a bit more.The lyrics to a song helps her thinking and helps her relax,giving her a warm heart.Music is her only escape sometimes.It gives her hope in her heart and tells her 'Its going to be okay." Maritza is rather interested in different culture.Espically european culture.She thinks its rather intruiguing and very different.She can usually be found in the Music store in the mall.

• Dislike: Maritza dislikes thoughs who give up. People who just give up on their hopes and goals,anything in general without a valid reason.Reason or not she doesn't want people to give up because of an obstacle in life. She wants people to try and endure the trials ahead of them.Like a mother,she doesn't want her child to give up and she wants her child to make it in life.She also hates those who take love and women for granted.Even though she hasn't been a relationship,she understands the basics in love.She hates the fact men and even women can toy with a persons heart and disregard their feelings.Using the person as their little chew toy.She thinks that love should be between a man and a woman who love each other deeply,and that nothing but them selves can break the bond between them.

• Talents: Maritza is a excelent dancer and singer. Her love of different types of generes helped her explore and helped her with her own singing.In secret she makes her own music,singing and dancing to it when nobody is around.Maritza can cook though its only mentioned once.She cooks tradtional Puerto Rican food.Aye!Thats the only food she can make! (If this can be added, She can play basebol since its a famous sport played in Puerto Rico)

• Flaws: She can not cook anything else than Puerto rican food.She has trouble making other food from different nations.She questions it like a old hispanic grand-mother.Maritza can't speak any other languages either. She only know English and Spanish.Any other languages? Forget it! She won't understand it and will refuse to learn it! Maritza can't play anything else besides traditional Puerto Rican instruments,Guitar and Piano. Anything else? Nope,it'll be difficult for her to process. (This could be a reason why shes 'mature' but not an adult)

• Carlos (Cuba): He is her older brother and they grew very close together.Sometimes one would seem older then the other one,and sometimes it would be hard for a person to determine who is the eldest.Maritza and Carlos have a strong brother and sister bond.Though they do take breaks from each other.Siblings need breaks from each other right? They can get into sibling quarels and argue alot with each other.Though its usualy never serious.Maritza learned alot from Carlos and he helped her shape her thinking. Sometimes she can start a sentence saying..."When I was younger,Carlos always use to tell me..!" Showing the reader how close the two are.

• Carmen (Colombia): Her and Carmen can be shown talking though it is not stated their relationship with each other.The two are rather 'sassy' so if they were very close friends,it can be understood because of how their attitude can be they can relate to each other.She has mentioned Carmen once or twice to others besides Carmen her self.Though like mentioned before,it has not yet been stated how close the two girls are.

• Elisa ( Venezula): Not that much is mentioned between the two.It is not state if these two are friends or just acquaintances. They're only seen once while speaking to Carmen.Even though she hears Carlos speak about her foundly,Maritza usually never listens.She too busy listening to her music sometimes.

• Manuel (Ecuador): Not much stated. Unknown on their relationship. She can give him some pep talk though it would just be a aquantinceship if more information was added. 

• Hermano (Guatemala): They have been good friends and have gotten along very good these past few years, She is usually sassy around him though she wants to strengthen their bond together. He learned Puerto Rican spanish which made her happy, Not stated if she carries romantic feelings for him but it could be hinted uvu

• Raquel (Mexico) She enjoys seeing her, they seem to know each other for a long time, though the two can be very competitive about alot of things, though they act like sisters and seem to have a close bond

• Catrina (Portugal):She is very grateful to Catrina and acts very mature around her, though she can be timid and in times she just wants to have a decent,informal conversation,but when she tries she gets akward and messes thing up. 

Most place she be seen in: Music Store

How she feels being confined into the mall: She usually tries to ignore the fact she's stuck in the mall. Though sometimes she wants to see how the world is outside,despite the dangers the outside world has.If she could leave,it is a fact she would run out the door and feel free. But she has to keep her self inside the mall,no matter how badly she wants to get out. (I will describe more later MY COUSINS ARE TRYING TO TOUCH MY KEYBOARD)

A paticular ship..? : GuateRico, I changed it because I realize that scotland is not canon and I don't want you to stress out over this character and since Adele is doing guterico i will do this also, so it'll be easier for you. This isn't a crack, these two have history together uvu

Art; Puerto Rico (c) Me
Hetalia: Elementary (c) :iconmelonstyle:
Hetalia(c) Hidekaaazzzz
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Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh oh, I already told you that this is awesome, but I also wanted to wish you good luck! c:
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This is cute but I still like the ScotRP basically I ship everyone so GuateRico is cool too!
Norie-tan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
psssst guaterico
Maple-Mochi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
SHE'S SO CUTE!  I love her bio and style very much. So as you know, I never comment any OC except for this. So congratulation XD
melonstyle Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
omg i can't believe i didn't see the thing about scotland earlier but you are totes welcome to app scotland omfg
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but thanks a bunch for updating the entry, it looks great! :D ))
Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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aaah she looks amazing and that info~ <333
melonstyle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
It looks great so far! My only commentary really is this part of the contest requirements for a Mall Dweller:

- You must draw a panel in your fanart of your character interacting with either Carmen, Elisa or Manuel (at least one of those three). You can find references for their designs via the journal on Mall Dwellers - and the descriptions should be useful to check too, in terms of their personalities and stuff.
^ looking at their designs and descriptions might give you more ideas on how each would interact personality wise btw

Apart from that, it's great! 
Little-Red-Coat Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I will draw them soon dear<3 and thank you D': Im glad you like the information orz;;;
I hpe this is good for the doujunihsi v.v; 
But im glad you like it mel!
and alright thats alot of help,thank you again mel!
melonstyle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
you're welcome, dear! :D
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